Thursday, June 18, 2009

Using Variety SF as a (reprints) magazine

For readers interested only in good online fiction, this new feed now collects just such posts from Variety SF's main feed: only posts about A-rated stories that also happen to be online. There is already a larger feed that collects all A-rated story posts, including those not available online.

While I don't work towards it, A-rated fiction has often (but not always) passed multiple filters: not only did I personally like it & some professional editor publish it, it probably has appeared in one or more anthologies, or has been nominated for some award, or has made it into some sort of "best of" list, or is included in some university course, ... If too many of what I call A-rated stories don't work for you, probably we have very different tastes & you might want to consult something more conforming.

There is no need to subscribe to both this new feed & main feed; new feed simply selects some posts from main feed. May be useful for readers that want to limit the number of posts delivered. Of course, neither of the A-rated fiction feeds will deliver stuff daily.

While I don't work towards specific numbers, I've a feeling that A-rated free fiction feed will probably deliver about a magazine's worth of fiction in a month.

Readers that don't use feed & check via browser.

Most new browsers should show something reasonable when handed feed URL; at least Firefox does. Older browsers might show junk. Best way to know it is to load in your browser.

When seen in a browser, 10 most recent entries are displayed - most recent at the beginning. Since new entries don't appear daily, checking once a week should be enough.