Friday, April 3, 2009

Archiving Blogroll of sidebar

Most readers can ignore this post. Just moving the contents of blogroll in sidebar to this post. Recent posts from each site represented here anyway gets linked in sidebar from various automatically generated links. Moving it here will hopefully cut clutter in sidebar, & let me expand the list significantly (already the free fiction sites covered by automatically generated links are far more numerous than this blogroll list suggests).

--- Archived contents. Originally from sidebar under the heading "BLOGROLL".
Featured Links section above is compiled by automatic mixing of web reviews with Ansible, SF Signal's MIND MELDs, Whatever's Big Ideas, & Solar Flare's History of Science Fiction posts.
Web reviews are picked up from Antick Musings, Best Science Fiction Stories, EscapePod, Fantasy Book Spot, Fantasy & Sci-fi Lovin' Book Reviews, File 770, Neth Space, Paul Jessup, Rob's Blog o' Stuff, Sandstorm Reviews, SF Diplomat, SF Scope, SF Signal, SF Site, Speculative Horizons, Strange Horizons, The Book Swede, The World in a Satin Bag, & Vast and Cool and Unsympathetic.
News section mixes general news with interview & award links.
General news is picked up from EscapePod, Locus, Orbit Books, SF Scope, SF Signal Tidbits & Tubebits, & Speculative Horizons.
Interview links are picked up from Antick Musings, Clarkesworld, EscapePod, Fangs Fur & Fey, Fantasy & Sci-fi Lovin' Book Reviews, Nalini Singh @Blogspot & @LiveJournal, New York Times Paper Cuts, Orbit Books, Rob's Blog o' Stuff, SF Site, SF Site, Speculative Horizons, The Book Swede, & The World in a Satin Bag.
Award links are picked up from Antick Musings, Locus, New York Times Paper Cuts, SF Scope, & Science Fiction Awards Watch, combined with first few results of a Google blog search query.
Free & Paid Fiction section mixes links from Afterburn SF, Antipodean SF, Apex Digest, Audible, Clarkesworld, EscapePod, F&SF, Feedbooks, Free SF Reader, Free Speculative Fiction Online, Futurismic, Google blogsearch & Yahoo! search for free sf, Heliotrope, LibriVox, Jim Baen's Universe, LocusQuasarDragon, SF Scope, Subterranean magazine, Tor, & The Scientific Indian.
Etc section mixes miscellaneous links with obituaries, lists, giveaways, India specific links, plus some links culled from Google blogsearch on favorite authors & on some sf publishers.
Miscellaneous links are chosen from among the recent posts at Asimov's Forum, Auxiliary Memory, Bill Peschel, science fiction tags, Digg's science fiction links, Electric Velocipede, F&SF Blog, Fantasy Book Spot, File 770, fritz, io9, Marooned, No Fear of the Future, Scifirama, Solar Flare, Speculative Fiction, The Sci Fi Catholic, The Wertzone, & Torque Control.
Obituaries are picked up from Locus.
Lists are picked up from Antick Musings (best of lists), Neth Space (best of lists), & The World in a Satin Bag.
Giveaways are freebies that require some sort of application submission & may be a lottary. Their announcements are picked up from Neth Space & SF Scope.
India Specific links are picked up from Science Fiction in India, & Hindi Science Fiction, & Unmukt.
--- Archived contents end