Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Amazing Stories", June 1941 (magazine, free): Table of contents & download link

Front cover image of Amazing Stories magazine, June 1941 issue. A painting by J Allen St John, illustrating a scene from the novel Black Pirates of Barsoom by Edgar Rice Burroughs.Scans of this magazine are available online as part of a larger package.

Table of contents.

  1. [novel] Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Black Pirates of Barsoom"; download author's collection "Llana of Gathol" from Project Gutenberg of Australia (this link via Blue Tyson): "John Carter had to hide the magic in his sword arm, & yet he had to fight Barsoom's best blades -"
  2. [novelet] James Norman's "Lost Treasure of Angkor": "Back into time they hurled - straight into the catastrophe that blotted [...?] out of history!"
  3. [novelet] David V Reed's "The Girl from Venus": "Merrill was a romancing patrolman on penalty duty, just the wrong man to [meet?] a princess in distress."
  4. [ss] William P McGivern's "The Quandary of Quintus Quaggle": "A heck of a time to turn to stone - just when your job, your future, & [?] depend on action!"
  5. [ss] Duncan Farnsworth's "Pepper Pot Planet": "There was something funny about this revolution, but Tonya believed in it, & Tonya was beautiful".
  6. [ss] Milton Kaletsky's "Homer Higginbottom, Rain Maker": "They laughed at Homer & tossed him out on his ear, but they stopped laughing when it began to rain".


Blue Tyson said...

Black Pirates of Barsoom isn't a novel, it is a story.

Also found as part of the LLana Of Gathol collection

Tinkoo said...

I simply used the label used in its ToC - I'm yet to read this story. Would it be modern novella length?

I guess even "novelet" (yes, that's not a misspelling) "short novel" used in their ToCs might have their meanings modified since.

Thanks for PG link.

Blue Tyson said...

Yeah, old mags could be extremely liberal with 'novel'.

This one I would guess would be around the 20K word mark, so a novella, sure.