Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Amazing Stories", September 1941 (magazine, free): Table of contents & download link

Front cover image of Amazing Stories magazine, September 1941 issue. A painting by Robert Fuqua, illustrating a scene in the novel Enchantress of Lemuria by Stanton A Coblentz.Scans of this magazine are available online as part of a larger package.

Table of contents.

  1. [novel] Stanton A Coblentz's "Enchantress of Lemuria": "Miles down in the earth was an amazing city in a giant cavern; & a lovely girl; & a hideous war".
  2. [ss] Jep Powell's "Mutiny in Space": "This desert rat didn't know much about space ships - but he did know which end of a mule kicked!"
  3. [novelet] David Wright O'Brian's "Ferdinand Finknodle's Perfect Day": "Finknodle was perfect - & he knew how to make the world perfect. So he set out to create Utopia."
  4. [novelet] Arthur T Harris' "The Throne of Valhalla": "Nazi hero, Tommy ace (?) - a challenge to an air duel. But they didn't expect Valhalla to be on the scene!"
  5. [ss] P F Costello's "Yellow Mud for Cowards": "No shame could be worse than receiving this tiny box of yellow clay from your fellow space fighters."
  6. [ss] Duncan H Farnsworth's "Myster of the Mummy": "Why should Richardson be so drawn to the mummy at the alter in the future? Was it someone he knew?"
  7. [ss] Alexander Blade's "Dr Loudon's Armageddon": "Dr Loudon's son fought with the enemy; yet the scientist gave him a weapon that could win the war -"
Legend: ss = short story.