Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free movies: Old movies based on recognizably science fiction stories

The Crotchety Old Fan's "Classic Science Fiction Films Based on Science Fiction Stories (Mostly)". "Classic" is defined here as "25+ years old or older".

His links don't always lead directly to movies, & additional clicks may be necessary. But very good collection of links.

[via SF Signal]


Crotchety Old Fan said...

thanks for the mention!

the Classic Science Fiction Channel is an aggregator - I just provide the link the the item, I don't host the item itself - although (if you check one of today's entries) you'll see that that is in the process of changing.

Some sites launch the film/tv/radio program automatically, some require you to click to the site linked and then click on the movie, and still others require a new user to sign up in order to get the full feature - but regardless, they are all free and I think it's awesome that so much good (and bad) SF media offerings are available for no cost.

This is all part of my (secret) plan to educate current fans in their history.