Saturday, April 9, 2011

A note for authors or publishers wanting to send review material

I occasionally get such offers. Please observe these rules when making the offer:
  1. No hard copy please. I can only accept electronic copies, preferable PDF or plain text.
  2. Please include the book cover as a JPG or PNG file, if you want me to include it with my post. Size doesn't matter; I'll probably resize it anyway.
  3. Please include the URL you want me to include with the post. This could be a place where someone can buy or download the book, or anything else of relevance.
  4. Please do not include publicity material. I have no time for this, & such junk only delays my writing the relevant post.
  5. It helps if the pdf is unzipped & I can open it from mailbox itself. Addition step of extracting it from zip often makes me postpone the opening itself.
  6. I do not promise to actually read any material sent. In case of short fiction, I probably will read at least a few pieces, but may or may not write about them, depending on how they strike me. I only promise to mention the material received in a post.
I can be reached here.

Thank you.