Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bot SF: How about a fan magazine exclusively edited by software bots?

This is an experimental page. Science fiction is supposed to be a future looking field - so why not try building a magazine with software editors?

There is no original content here - only links collected in multiple departments, each department managed by its own bot. Of course, the magazine is updated several times a day to keep content fresh - bot editors don't tire.

Not a lot of departments yet, but many will come - depending on how it works out. At the moment, it's a completely wild shot.

Each department has its own feed. This magazine feed simply merges all department feeds to ease subscription.

Link on department title goes to a page that describes how that department's bot works.

Caution: This page is full of Javascript. I've no idea how it will show in a feed reader. And, of course, you won't see a lot of useful content unless Javascript is enabled.

Original free fiction (via Variety SF) Free fiction: original.

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Most recently published column, selected from among the columns I monitor. Not always interesting content, but always worth a look before saying I'm not interested.

Original free fiction (via Variety SF) Editor's Choice.

My most recent A-rated free fiction post.
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Eoghann Irving said...

An interesting concept this. I'm not sure exactly how it will work out. A lot of it depends on how you categorize your bots I guess.

Presumably as "editor in chief" your own taste will be the driving force in what does or does not make the cut?

I added your page to StumbleUpon because I think the idea has merit.

Tinkoo said...

Eoghann: Thanks for adding it to StmbleUpon.