Friday, June 1, 2012

Caution: Erstwhile QuasarDragon is now a malware site!

A friend just pointed out that when visiting a page at Variety SF, he got a Blogger warning that this site contains content from a malware site It used to be QuasarDragon, a clean site run by Dave Tackett, who also used to blog free fiction posts at SF Signal. Looks like when Dave stopped blogging some months back, he deleted the site from Blogger, & it was subsequently grabbed by a squatter. I just checked that Firefox now gives malware warning when visiting this site.

"Variety SF contains freesciencefantasy content" warning probably was due to its inclusion in Friends list in sidebar - I automatically link 3 most recent posts from friends here. I have now deleted freesciencefantasy from this list - so hopefully, the obvious should be fixed.

But Variety SF contains an enormous number of links to old posts at freesciencefantasy (as do a lot of other sites in SF blogosphere; it used to be an interesting blog). Each of them will probably now generate malware warning in browser; I verified with one such link. I will clean this up during the weekend.

Update 3 June 2012: Am too lazy to go change everywhere - there are far too many links to its old posts. Will do it if it becomes too much of an irritant.