Monday, July 30, 2007

Tags explained

I provide them as a navigational aid; here is the tag page. Here are the general rules my tags observe:

  1. Review posts are tagged author name (may be more than one); other posts, like current one, are tagged "Tinkoo". All posts can be accessed via one or the other.
  2. Several authors have written several stories under different pen names. When appropriate, the review post will also carry the pen name. So you can track all stories written under a specific pen name.
  3. A, B, C tags denote story quality. C are time wasters; A are likely good use of your time.
  4. "short story" or "novel" denote format. What Hugo/Nebula Awards call "novellas" may get classified as either, depending on my mood (but usually as "short story")! Their "novelettes" always get classified as short stories.
  5. Major themes in the story get their own tags.
  6. Review articles also have the year of first publication tagged, like "1950" - so you can locate stories by year. Some Heinlein stories were published much later than they were written; I tag only the publication year. If I don't know the year, I will tag it "unknown year", rather than leaving it empty - so all articles are reachable via this route.
  7. I reserve the tag "space travel" where humans are traveling in space in a man-made craft. If aliens or their craft are involved, I will tag ET.
  8. A story carries the tag "free" if author or publisher has made the full text of the story available free on the web, & I am aware of this fact. Download link will usually be found early in review, as also in various lists.
  9. A few stories are not only principally set in a specific country, but this country-specific context is key to the story. In such cases, country name is also tagged to the review article.
  10. "bkp" tag is applied to all content articles (but not to ones like "taking a short break"). This is to enable me to download the entire site for backup purposes. Comments will likely not get backed up via this route, but it's easy one & it will probably encourage me to backup frequently!! Oops, on trying it out for backup, I find Blogger limits the maximum number of posts it will serve under a tag - so need to find another way!
Note: Moved here from original location on Aug 6, 2007. Reason.