Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arthur C. Clarke's "The Longest Science-fiction Story Ever Told": Not quite a story

Less than a page of a story-rejection letter from Morris K Mobius, an editor, to one Mr Jinx, the author.

"Longest" comes from recursive nature of the story - it keeps quoting itself forever.

Not worth reading.

Fact sheet.
The Longest Science-fiction Story Ever Told, short story, review
First published: Galaxy, October 1966 under the title "A Recursion in Metastories"
Rating: C

Collected in.

  1. "The Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke".
  2. Arthur Clarke's "More Than One Universe".
  3. Arthur Clarke's "The Wind From the Sun".
  4. David Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer (Ed)'s "The Ascent of Wonder: The Evolution of Hard SF".