Sunday, August 5, 2007

Henry Gee's "Are We Not Men": Defining the "man"

I would be reluctant calling it a story, though it is tagged as such. It is in the same category as Arthur Clarke's "The Curse" - a very short description, no persons or dialogs. If you are looking for entertainment, find something else.

I don't claim to have really understood it - so read the summary below with a pinch of salt! Full text of this story is available online.

Story summary.
Genetic analysis of people across the world proves we are not exactly human, but a mixed breed. And many hominid species still co-inhabit earth with modern man!

A few years after this fact becomes public, some 20 odd kinds of hominds join normal human race - among them Sasquatches, Sumatran Pendek, Malaysian Jive Monkey, eight-foot Kaptar from the Pamirs, & Tibestian Sand-Druid. They were apparantly hiding in jungles & caves till now.

Fact sheet.
"Are We Not Men", short story, review
Rating: C
First published: Nature magazine, 30 June 2005