Sunday, August 26, 2007

Robert Heinlein's "It's Great To Be Back": A couple gets homesick

Only they need to discover that home is not on earth!

Story summary.
Allan MacRae & his wife Josephine have been living in Luna City on moon for a while. They are home sick - they miss unlimited air of earth, the greenery, beaches, familiar vistas, ...

So they move permanently to earth. Only they have been away too long. Gravity is killing. Air is polluted. Snow is messy. Plumber is rude...

One thing finally proves too much: "Intelligence. It costs a lot to send a man to the Moon and more to keep him there. To pay off, he has to be worth a lot. High IQ, good compatibility index, superior education - everything that makes a person pleasant and easy and interesting to have around. We've been spoiled; the ordinary human cussedness that groundhogs take for granted, we now find intolerable, because Loonies are different."

So they finally are going back home - but the home is moon!

Fact sheet.
It's Great To Be Back, short story, review
First published: The Saturday Evening Post, 26 July 1947
Rating: B