Saturday, May 3, 2008

* Peter Tennant's "The Death Of A Man" (flash fiction, science fiction)

In a twist on Theodore Sturgeon's "More Than Human", we have a gestalt of telepaths called The Twelve. Among them is King, a brilliant "biogenticist". The gestalt has convinced King that they are now the highest form of life on earth, & must kill off all mere humans. King has developed a virus, to be released to wind, that will kill off anyone without telepathic gene. He is made to release this by gestalt - only he is the first one to die! Gestalt had convinced him that he was among them - to make him develop the virus.

I failed to read the logic of telepaths. They themselves were not competent even to develop this virus or identify the "telepathic gene", & depended on a human; yet they wipe out all humans as if they will never need them again!

Fact sheet.

First published: AntipodeanSF magazine, #114 (November/December 2007).
Rating: B
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