Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lots of online fiction by famous authors

Seeing Free SF Reader's recent links to webscription collections, I thought of looking up his older similar posts.

It has turned out to be a much longer job than I thought, but hopefully worth the trouble. I'm still only partly through his list. There won't be my normal post today.

Here are links to 10 online collections by famous authors; many have only a few stories online. Collection links go to online site; story links to my relevant posts.

  1. Keith Laumer's "Legions of Space". "Two complete novels, and four shorter works". Novels: "A Trace of Memory", "Planet Run". Shorts: Shorts: THE CHOICE, THREE BLIND MICE, MIND OUT OF TIME, MESSAGE TO AN ALIEN.
  2. Keith Laumer's "Odyssey". All 7 stories online: "GALACTIC ODYSSEY", "A Trip To The City", "Hybrid", "Combat Unit", "The King Of The City", "Once There Was A Giant", "Dinosaur Beach".
  3. Keith Laumer's "Future Imperfect". All 7 stories online: "CATASTROPHE PLANET", "THE WALLS", "COCOON", "FOUNDER'S DAY", "PLACEMENT TEST", "WORLDMASTER", "The Day Before Forever".
  4. Cordwainer Smith's "When the People Fell". Many stories. 7 online: "No, No, Not Rogov!", "War No. 81-Q", "Mark Elf", "The Queen of the Afternoon", "Scanners Live in Vain", "The Lady Who Sailed The Soul", "When the People Fell". "Scanners Live in Vain" & "No, No, Not Rogov!" are supposed to be very famous; I've read only the former & didn't really like it. "Scanners Live in Vain" also appears to be the story on which this year's Nebula nominee Jennifer Pelland's "Captive Girl" is based.
  5. A. Bertram Chandler's "Catch the Star Winds". Many stories, one online: "CHANCE ENCOUNTER". I've not read this story. While I've liked some Chandler stories more than others, I'm yet to really dislike one of his stories.
  6. Robert A. Heinlein's "Expanded Universe". Many stories, 5 online: " LIFE-LINE", "SUCCESSFUL OPERATION", "BLOWUPS HAPPEN", "SOLUTION UNSATISFACTORY", "THE LAST DAYS OF THE UNITED STATES" (is it fiction?). "Life-Line" is Heinlein's first published story.
  7. Murray Leinster's "A Logic Named Joe". 7 stories, all online: "The Dean of Gloucester, Virginia", "A Logic Named Joe", "Dear Charles", "Gateway To Elsewhere", "The Duplicators", "The Fourth-Dimensional Demonstrator", "The Pirates of Zan". I've not read any, but I'd quoted Wikipedia's recommendation for "A Logic Named Joe" yesterday when linking its MP3 version.
  8. Poul Anderson's "Time Patrol". Many stories, 1 titled "Time Patrol" online.
  9. Christopher Anvil's "THE INTERSTELLAR PATROL". No ToC, but one story is online: "The Claw And The Clock" (download).
  10. Christopher Anvil's "Interstellar Patrol II-The Federation of Humanity". Many stories, 5 online: "Riddle Me This", "The Unknown", "The Throne And The Usurper", "The Trojan Hostage", "Warlord's World".