Friday, August 15, 2008

Best Science Fiction Stories: "My Favorite Science Fiction Story" series

For the last few days, Rusty at Best Science Fiction Stories has been running this very interesting series where other bloggers share their favorite stories. One blogger per day.

Today, it's my turn. I doubt it was intentional, but today also happens to be India's Independence Day - 61 years since the end of colonial rule. I could not have asked for a better date for my post.

Note: This series is picked up by my bot-generated featured-posts feed, & hence gets automatically linked from the left bar - under "Featured Links & Reviews" section of external links. The feed picks up my favorite columns from around the web.


Rusty said...

Hey Tinkoo,

Thanks for sharing your story! It was not intentional, but that is pretty cool that it coincides with India's independence day.

It has been very fun and interesting seeing the favorite short story of various bloggers and authors. I only have two more to go before the series ends, but already I have picked up loads of good ideas for reading and reviewing. It will be fun to check out all of them.

Arvind Mishra said...

Please go ahead we are listening you with an apt attention !

wolfkahn said...

Good pick Tinkoo! That was a very amusing story.

Krishnan said...

Reading your post, I immediately picked that gem of a book The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke and read Superiority. Indeed it is a great short story. Really pricks the bubble of technological superiority convincingly.

Tinkoo said...

Krishnan: That's a good investment. FYI: I've this old post to help sift through the massive tome.