Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some online fiction

Today, Free Speculative Fiction Online linked some stories worth checking out.

Paul Anderson's "The Saturn Game" & "Wings of Victory". Both from Analog.

A batch of 6 stories by Jerry Pournelle, mostly from Analog. I haven't read anything by Pournelle yet, but he's supposed to have written some highly recommended & fat books with Larry Niven. May be a couple of stories are worth checking out.

12 relatively recent stories from Jim Baen's Universe magazine - in two batches of 5 & 7 stories each. Among them are 3 authors I would at least check out: James P Hogan's "Murphy's War", Mike Resnick's "The Big Guy", & Gregory Benford's "Bow Shock".

Also included among the lot is Resnick's last year's Hugo nominee - "All Things Your Are" (download). An interesting light read about a kind-hearted alien species that have taken on the role of Galactic red cross, but their good work is having weird effects elsewhere.