Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update: Stories from Campbell's Astounding

Some more entries added to the list. A half dozen old posts missed during the first round, plus some new entries. A few free ones.

  1. November/December 1959: Everett B Cole's "The Best Made Plans"; download; revolution: A young man helps stage a coup that will topple the current dictator & his evil mentor with the lawful ruler.
  2. May 1959: [ss] Robert S Richardson's "Disturbing Sun" (as by Phlip Latham) (B); download: Solar activity affects human moods to the extent that it is this that is primarily responsible for all the evil wars & massacres of history!
  3. February 1959: Frank Patrick Herbert's "Missing Link" (B); download: A world of rogue but technologically primitive hominid aliens are brought in line by human policement of galaxy!
  4. June 1956: [novelette] Eric Frank Russell's "Plus X": I've only read its 1959 novelization - the hilarious & crazy "Next of Kin" - a smart alec does a jailbreak where his captors happily see him off the door! Since the really funny part of the novel is concentrated in later half, I would expect that to be close to original shorter version.
  5. July 1955: Eric Frank Russell's "Waitabits" (A); humor: Different people run their lives at different pace. What happens when faster ones try to bring up the slower ones to their pace?
  6. February 1955: Algirdas Jonas Budrys's "Citadel" (B); download: Bureaucrats on earth working to aid "private" human colonization of galaxy are feeling guilty for the bad things they have to do.
  7. April/May/June/July 1953 (4 part serial): [novel] Hal Clement's "Mission of Gravity" (A); hard sf: Life on a super-high gravity, super cold world where liquid methane plays the role of water & hydrogen of oxygen.
  8. December 1948: Eric Frank Russell's "Late Night Final" (A); humor: Star faring colonists of this far future earth end up losing to something rather "simple"!
  9. May/June 1948 (2 part serial): [novel] Hal Clement's "Needle" aka "From Outer Space" (B): Two parasitic alien visitors to earth - a fugitive & a cop - both need a human host. By the end, good will win. A lot of text devoted to description of life on an idyllic corral island in the Pacific.
  10. October 1945: [novella] A Bertram Chandler's "Giant Killer" (B): When a brave among "the people" slew the only 3 "giants" in the "universe" known to "people". Lot of gory violence. Suspense is officially relieved near end but you are actually clear about most suspense elements much earlier.
  11. July 1941: Robert Heinlein's "We Also Walk Dogs" (A): A man builds an anti-gravity device - so alien visitors to a conference on earth will not find local gravity too oppressive!