Saturday, September 6, 2008

James W Harris' List of Good Time Travel Stories

While this post titled "For Connoisseurs of 4th Dimensional Travel" is mostly a review of the novel The Little Book by Selden Edwards, early in the post he gives a list of his favorite 11 time travel stories.

I've read only 3 from the list. I'll say they're important stories, but entertainment value varies from excellent to sort of draggy.

One prominent author he doesn't mention is Murray Leinster, who has done some excellent time travel stories - a few online too.

For anyone interested in the subject: I've a list of time travel stories, & also a feed that collects only my posts about time travel stories. Watch out, in particular, for A-rated stories - many online (search term "Rating: A" in browser should locate most of the good stories in the list).

[Via SF Signal]


Jim Harris said...

Hey, which ones did you think were slow?


Tinkoo said...

Ordering the 3 on entertainment value: "-All You Zombies-", then "A Sound of Thunder", then "The Time Machine".

I seem to always find H G Wells' stories a bit draggy - not that I've read a lot of them (less than a half dozen). He addresses interesting subjects, but sometimes in more detail than I've patience for.