Sunday, October 5, 2008

Free fiction reprints feed now tracks 5 more sources

Recount: Free fiction reprints bot is a piece of server software that automatically & continuously tracks (currently) 7 sources of free fiction reprints on web, & delivers their stories, episodes & new content notifications to inbox via this feed.

New sources added to watch list since original feed announcement.

  1. Tor announcements of free ebooks for registered users. I mark them both "[registration required]" & "[limited time]".
  2. Irene Gallo's recently started "Saturday morning cartoons" video posts at Tor. "a quirky, sometimes delightful, occasionally a little (ok, maybe a lot) creepy, and off-beat".

    For some reason, these embedded don't display in my Firefox (embedded YouTube normally works for me). But I can play the URLs contained in feed items. And comments on those pages indicate they directly work for at least some people.
  3. John Klima's "Your Weekend Getaway:" free fiction posts at Tor blog. Very rare posts - I've seen only one yet.
  4. Joe Hutsko's novel "The Deal" (1999) being serialized on Boing Boing. "a new chapter ... every Friday".
  5. Zeashan Haider Zaidi's serialized novel "Taboot" (in Hindi): Moved here from original free fiction feed because the author clarifies (in Hindi) it's a reprint.