Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saki's "Tobermory" (short story, animal speech, free): Think twice before teaching your cat to speak!

Illustration accompanying the online copy of short story titled Tobermory by Saki aka Hector Hugh Munro at The WondersmithThis mostly funny & occasionally grim story is about about a cat named Tobermory.

Story summary.

Mr Appin has successfully taught Tobermory English speech, & is staging a demonstration in front of some neighbors. Only trouble is: while cat can speak English, it's like a child when it comes to keeping secrets. Nasty secrets come tumbling out - few people are careful with the speech when a neighbor's cat is around!

Result is panic, & killing of the poor cat.

A quote.

  1. "Somehow there seemed an element of embarrassment in addressing on equal terms a domestic cat of acknowledged mental ability."

Fact sheet.

First published: 1909 (where?)
Author's real name: Hector Hugh Munro.
Rating: B
Download full text from The Wondersmith, or LibriVox audio versions at the Internet Archive.