Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anil Aggarwal's "The New Antibiotic" (flash fiction, weird physics, free): Don't flip! (when transporting goods through fourth dimension)

Neat story concept based on a familiar trope, but with hand-wavy astronomy & very ordinary story telling.

Idea is: a familiar object moves through fourth dimension, but gets flipped before returning back to 3D space - so it's now a sort of "mirror image" of its original self! In Arthur Clarke's "Technical Error", a man gets flipped, & can no longer eat normal unflipped food! Here it's the other way round - a drug transported through 4D space got flipped, & the mirror image that came out is no longer effective!

Cool thing I liked was: if transport via fourth dimension is popular, you need one more label for goods transported - "Don't flip" - like "This side up" currently used on many packages!

Fact sheet.

First published: In Hindi as "Black Hole ke us paar" in Aaj newspaper, 3 February 1996. English translation is probably by author himself.
Rating: B
Download full text of English translation from Author's site.