Sunday, December 21, 2008

Free fiction: Keith Laumer's "Retief!" (collection): 17 stories, including a novel

This is the first of a series of may be 3 or 4 posts. I seem to have bookmarked but not posted a lot of free fiction links during last the 3 weeks.

Free SF Reader links Keith Laumer's collection Retief! at Webscription (I haven't yet read any story):

  1. "Aide Memoire"; download; If, July, 1962.
  2. "The Brass God" aka "Retief, God-Speaker"; download; If, January 1965.
  3. "The Castle of Light"; download; If, October 1964.
  4. "Courier" aka "The Frozen Planet"; download; If, September 1961.
  5. "Cultural Exchange"; download; If, September, 1962.
  6. "Diplomat-at-Arms"; download; Fantastic, January 1960.
  7. "Native Intelligence" aka "The Governor of Glave"; download; If, November, 1963.
  8. "Palace Revolution" aka "Gambler's World"; download; If, November, 1961.
  9. "Policy" aka "The Madman From Earth"; download; If, March, 1962.
  10. "The Prince and the Pirate"; download; If, August, 1964.
  11. "Protest Note" aka "The Desert and the Stars"; download; If, November, 1962.
  12. "Protocol" aka "The Yllian Way"; download; If, January, 1962.
  13. [novel] "Retief's War"; download; serialized in If, October-December 1965, and published in novel form by Doubleday in 1966.
  14. "Saline Solution"; download; If, March, 1963.
  15. "Sealed Orders" aka "Retief of Red-Tape Mountain"; download; If, February, 1962.
  16. "Ultimatum" aka "Mightiest Qorn"; download; If, November, 1961.
  17. "Wicker Wonderland" aka "The City That Grew in the Sea"; download; If, March, 1964.
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