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"Astounding Science-Fiction", August 1938 (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents & download links

Cover image of Astounding Science-Fiction magazine, August 1938 issue, by WessoWhole magazine is available as JPEG page scans online, but as part of a larger package. Download information.

Table of contents.

  1. [novelette] Arthur J Burks' "Hell Ship": "Josh McNab, good Scots engineer, finds himself against a cracked rotor-shaft & a bull-headed skipper - aboard the Spaceship Arachne!"
  2. [novelette] John W Campbell, Jr's '"Who Goes There?"' (as by Don A Stuart) (A); download text: Curious figuratively & inadvertently open the bottle to let the djinn out, & all hell breaks loose.
  3. [ss] A B L Macfadyen, Jr's "Jason Comes Home": "A boy sailed out - trapped in an unmanned spaceship. A man sailed back, years later, to wipe the green scum of life from all Earth -"
  4. [ss] Warner van Lorne's "Resilient Planet": "A man is baffled by the problem of fuel - when the entire planet - machines, buildings, even people - is made of rubber!"
  5. [ss] Calvin Peregoy's "The Terrible Sense": "Not sight - nor hearing, quite, nor touch, nor taste - but he learned through it the tyranny of Sound!"
  6. [ss] Royal S Heckman's "Asteroid Pirates": "Concerning the highly intelligent & completely bullet-proof Saturnian Apes!"
  7. [ss] Malcolm Jameson's "Eviction by Isotherm": "When the weatherman can make his predictions come true, he becomes he becomes a dangerous enemy -"
  8. [ss] Henry Kuttner's "The Disinherited" (B): "Is there that Watcher somewhere - now - ?"
  9. [nonfic] Thomas Calvert McClary's "Food for the First Planet": "Suggesting that reaching the planets may not be half as hard as staying there -!"
  10. [nonfic] Willy Ley's "Orbits, Take-offs & Landings": "An authoritative science article on how rocket-ships can & cannot plot their courses."
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Ryuujin said...

Any idea how or where I can get a hard copy of that issue? I wrote my senior paper on "Who Goes There?" when i was in high school. :)

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Ryuujin - may be try ebay or Amazon. I don't know.

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