Friday, February 20, 2009

Donald A Wollheim (Ed)'s "Avon Fantasy Reader No 12" (January 1950, anthology, free): Table of contents & download links

Cover image of Avon Fantasy Reader No 12, January 1950, edited by Donald A WollheimWhole book is available as JPEG page scans online, but as part of a larger package. Download information.

Table of contents.

  1. Robert E Howard's "The Blond Godess of Bal-Sagoth"; 1931: Not read.
  2. Clarke Ashton Smith's "The Chain of Aforgomon"; 1935: Not read.
  3. Sax Rohmer's "In the Vally of the Sorcess"; Tales of Secret Egypt: Not read.
  4. Manly Wade Wellman's "The Kelpie"; 1936: Not read.
  5. Miles J Breuer's "The Captured Cross-section"; 1929: Not read.
  6. Lord Dunsany's "The Wonderful Window"; The Book of Wonder: Not read.
  7. Bassett Morgan's "Tiger Dust"; 1933: Not read.
  8. M R James' "An Episode of Cathedral History"; The Collected Ghost Stories of M R James, 1944: Not read.
  9. Walter Kubilius' "The Day Has Come"; 1942: Not read.
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