Thursday, February 26, 2009

Donald A Wollheim (Ed)'s "Avon Fantasy Reader No 14" (July 1950, anthology, free): Table of contents & download links

Cover image of Avon Fantasy Reader No 14, July 1950, edited by Donald A WollheimWhole book is available as JPEG page scans online, but as part of a larger package. Download information.

Table of contents.

  1. Robert E Howard's "Temptress of the Tower of Torture & Sin"; 1930: Not read.
  2. Ray Bradbury's "Ylla" aka "I'll Not Look for Wine"; 1950 (original publication here): First human contact with Martians turns fatal - for humans.
  3. Ray Cummings' "The Three Eyed Man"; 1921: Not read.
  4. James Francis Dwyer's "The Cave of the Invisible"; 1937: Not read.
  5. Allison V Harding's "Guard in the Dark"; 1944: Not read.
  6. Clive G B Jackson's "The Still Small Voice": Not read.
  7. Zealia Brown Bishop's "The Curse of Yig"; 1929: Not read.
  8. David H Keller's "The Yeast Men"; 1927: Not read.
  9. Irvin Ashkenazy's "The Headless Miller of Kobold's Keep"; 1937: Not read.
  10. Henry S Whitehead's "The Shadows"; 1927: Not read.
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