Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Donald A Wollheim (Ed)'s "Avon Science Fiction Reader No 3" (April 1952, anthology, free): Table of contents & download links

Cover image of Avon Science Fiction Reader No 3, April 1952, edited by Donald A WollheimWhole book is available as JPEG page scans online, but as part of a larger package. Download information.

Table of contents.

  1. Frank Belknap Long's "The Robot Empire"; 1934: Not read.
  2. S Fowler Wright's "P. N. 40"; 1949: Not read.
  3. Francis Flagg's "The Master Ants"; 1927: Not read.
  4. Kenneth Sterling & H P Lovecraft's "In the Walls of Eryx"; 1939: Not read.
  5. Mary Elizabeth Counselman's "The Black Stone Statue"; 1937: Not read.
  6. R F Starzl's "The Planet of Dread"; 1930: Not read.
  7. Hannes Bok's "The Alien Vibration"; Future, February 1942: Not read.
  8. Thorp McClusky's "The Ultimate Paradox"; 1945: Not read.
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