Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free fiction: Christopher Anvil, Vernor Vinge, Lloyd Biggle

These are 2 or 3 months old links that were lost in my bookmarks.

Via Free SF Reader: 6 stories from Christopher Anvil's collection "Rx for Chaos" aka "Prescription for Chaos" at Webscription:

  1. "Cinderella, Inc"; download; Imagination, December 1952.
  2. "Roll Out The Rolov!"; download; Imagination, November 1953.
  3. "The New Boccaccio"; download; Analog, January 1965.
  4. "A Handheld Primer"; download; Amazing, January 1978.
  5. "Rx For Chaos"; download; Analog, February 1964.
  6. "Is Everybody Happy?"; download; Analog, April 1968.
Via Free SF Reader: 5 stories from Christopher Anvil's collection "The Trouble With Aliens" at Webscription:
  1. "The Prisoner"; download; Astounding, February 1956.
  2. "Seller's Market"; download; Astounding, December 1958.
  3. "Top Rung"; download; Astounding, July 1958.
  4. "Symbols"; download; Analog, September 1966.
  5. "Foghead"; download; Astounding, September 1958.
Three stories from Martin H Greenberg & Mark Tier (Ed)'s anthology "Freedom!" at Webscription:
  1. Lloyd Biggle, Jr's "Monument"; download; Astounding, June 1961.
  2. Christopher Anvil's "Gadget vs Trend"; download; Analog, October 1962.
  3. Vernor Vinge's "The Ungoverned"; download; Far Frontiers, Vol 3 (1985).