Monday, March 30, 2009

"Amazing Stories", August 1943 (magazine, free): Table of contents & download link

Front cover image of Amazing Stories magazine, August 1943 issue. A painting by Robert Fuqua, illustrating a scene from short story A Patriot Never Dies by Frank PattonScans of this magazine are available online as part of a larger package.

Table of contents.

  1. [novelet] Frank Patton's "A Patriot Never Dies": "Who was John Smith? And what sort of a pact made him risk his life without even an explanation?"
  2. [novelet] Francis Wilson Powell's "Pop Gun": "The Arcturus was worse than doomed. Her one gun was a toy compared to the enemy. Just a toy..."
  3. [novelet] Henry Norton's "Prison in Space": 'The prison ship blasted off into space - & the word "prison" took on an entirely new meaning!'
  4. [novel] Craig Ellis' "Dr Varsag's Second Experiment": "No one guessed the real purpose of the mole-man because the operation changed more than his body..."
  5. [novelet] William DeLisle's "The Degenerate Mr Smith": "Smith was unfit for New Order, so he faced elimination - an elimination even he didn't foresee!"
  6. [short novel] Lee Francis' "Stone Godess of Yunan": "Somewhere in China was a stone image- & a weird goddess. But no one believed it was alive...!"
  7. [short story] Leroy Yerxa's "The Spirit of Egypt": "There are things in Egypt which are Time's mysteries - & they can become frighteningly manifest."