Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Amazing Stories", November 1941 (magazine, free): Table of contents & download link

Front cover image of Amazing Stories magazine, November 1941 issue. A painting by Robert Fuqua, illustrating a scene from the novel Convoy to Atlantis by William P McGivern.Scans of this magazine are available online as part of a larger package.

Table of contents.

  1. [novel] William P McGivern's "Convoy to Atlantis": "A torpedo blasted from Vulcun, & Brick Harrinton went down into an amazing, grim, sunken city."
  2. [ss] John York Cabot's "Nicolbee's Nightmare": "Nicolbee was a dreamer. He dreamed so much that reality became confused. Which life was a dream?"
  3. [ss] Don Wilcox's "The Stevedor of Jupiter": "On Jupiter weight means everything. And Jupe could calculate how much death there was in an ounce."
  4. [ss] Robert Moore Williams' "Death Desert": "A horrible thing, a Martian desert. But more horrible in the code of honor of its savage tribesmen."
  5. [novelet] Robert Leslie Bellem's "The Short-wave Superman": "What would you think if you suddenly found able to squeeze metal in your fingers like putty?"
  6. [novelet] Ed Earl Repp's "Armageddon, 1948": "This wasn't a man's war; it was a battle against giant worms. How could one girl beat them back?"
Legend: ss = short story.