Tuesday, March 10, 2009

May not post tomorrow

Holi art, with Krishna and Radha participating in Raas. Click image for full sized original.Tomorrow is Holi, last of the season's major festivals. Next season begins in August, though Parliament elections & IPL T20 cricket matches in April/May too are likely to resemble not-minor festivals:)

I plan to visit a relative in the evening; so unlikely to post.

PS: For readers unfamiliar with India, this Google image search can give some idea of the event. Look for images with literally colorful people. That's what a good percentage of Indians will resemble tomorrow morning.


Krishnan said...

Happy Holi Tinkoo. Here in my state of Tamil Nadu, we do not get to celebrate Holi, it is another normal working day :-(

Tinkoo said...

I suspected, Krishnan. I've lived in B'lore, & it's a non-event there too.