Sunday, March 1, 2009

Top 15 Greatest Science Fiction Writers of All-Time

Tim Janson's month old list at Mania, & Mike Brotherton's counterlist of yesterday.

Janson's list is interesting primarily in that it recommends several works I haven't yet read, even though I seem to have somewhat different tastes & care far less about awards & SFWA Hall of Fame mentions.

Lists themselves aren't really interesting - at least not to me. I've read all writers on both lists (& most on their Honorable Mentions lists) - at least a few works of named authors. Assuming both posters have been reading sf longer than my less than 2 years, I'm surprised at the exclusion (even from Honorable Mentions lists!) of: Eric Frank Russell, Henry Kuttner, C L Moore, L Sprague de Camp, & Murray Leinster - among the genre's very best, in my book anyway.

I'm not going to produce a counter list of my own. May be I'll do it after 5 years of genre reading:)