Friday, April 10, 2009

"Amazing Stories", June 1940 (magazine, free): Table of contents & download link

Front cover image of Amazing Stories magazine, June 1940 issue. A painting by Julian S Krupa, depicting a scene from the story Trapped on Titan David Wright OBrien.Scans of this magazine are available online as part of a larger package.

Table of contents.

  1. Don Wilcox's "Slave Raiders from Mercury": "Fate was against Allison in the Rite of the Floating Chop, for only death could save his life!"

    Hmmm... this description sounds a bit like Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette's "Boojum" (in more than one "best of 2008" anthologies, including Dozois'.)
  2. Festus Pragnell's "Warlords of Mars": "Usulor's army rolled forward like a juggernaut, then with music of weird flutes came chaos."
  3. David Wright O'Brien's "Trapped on Titan": "For 500 years Titan had been deserted. Yet here was a lovely woman, fascinating - & terrifying."
  4. Ross Rocklynne's "The Mathematical Kid": "He was only a twerp, & they ignored his treble-voiced warnings of disaster - until it came!"
  5. Floyd Gale's "Treachery on Planetoid 41": "Only one man could live - the best man. So why shouldn't the one most worthy of life plan murder?"
  6. Ed Earl Repp's "Planet of Black Terror": "Clark Erick followed Hillyer to Shasta's peak; a trail that led to an incredible goal in space."


Near Death said...

Ha this looks incredibly amazing. There are a lot of collections of weird stories out there and I intend on reading as many as possible. Please post this on my site, as it is an entire community of weird story enthusiasts such as yourself.