Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free fiction: A few stories from JBU 18 (April 2009) at Webscription


  1. Edward M Lerner's "Calculating Minds" (A); download: Software trust issues for interstellar commerce (with aliens) in intellectual property.

    It's in my "best of 2009" list. But see the caveats in head notes of my post first.
  2. Graham Edwards' "Riding the Drop" (B); download: I found it sort of boring. It's an adventure in the more-than-3-dimensional medium that contains all the worlds, & where many kinds of monsters live, & that has a "river" where all the dead go, etc.
  3. Bud Sparhawk's "Primrose Rescue"; download: I used to once like Sparhawk's stories, but now they appear to be just recycling of old stuff, & in stories that are way too long. I've been avoiding him off late, & haven't read this specific one.
  4. John Lambshead's "Storming Hell"; download; fantasy: Not read.
PS: Another good story in this issue - Susan diRende's "Unpronounceable" - is not online. It's a light fun read.

[via Free Speculative Fiction Online]