Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morality of plants!

Yesterday, I saw this book with rather curious title posted to Internet Archive: J E Taylor's "The segacity & morality of plants; a sketch of the life & conduct of the vegetable kingdom" (1884)! Table of contents too has interesting chapter titles: "Floral Diplomacy", "Defense, NOT Defiance", "Co-operation", "Social and Political Economy of Plants", "Poverty and Bankruptcy", "Robbery and Murder", ...

Reminded me of two very interesting plant stories I've read during last few months, both of them from different volumes of "Issac Asimov Presents Great SF Stories" series, I think:

  1. One has a method of contaminating food that will turn animals that eat it into plants! Used to turn a ruthless dictator & his court to plants.
  2. Other has a method to slow down human metabolism to the speed of plants. An adventure where these slowed down humans must survive the hostile jungle that now is very visibly alive!
Cannot off hand recall the title of either, but may be will hunt them down & have their posts one of these days.