Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Real science: Exoplanets in Gliese 581 system - one twice earth mass, another in habitable zone

An artists impression of Gliese 581 solar system, about 20 light years from earth. Explanation of image at the end of link.Science Daily: Newly discovered "Gliese 581 e", fifth world to be found in "Gliese 581" solar system about 20 light years from Sol, is just 1.9 times earth mass - but too close to its sun to be inhabitable.

But a previously known world in this system, "Gliese 581 d", is now thought to be "well within the habitable zone", though it is 7 times as massive as earth. It "could even be covered by a large and deep ocean — it is the first serious 'water world' candidate".

[via 42Blips]