Friday, July 24, 2009

Key attributes of Cordwainer Smith's fiction

Snipped from a discussion at rasfw:

Anthony Nance.
'- One of the first to have a long future history
- One of the first to "uplift" animals (though he didn't call it that)
- One of the first to use/insert psychology and psychological ideas

In addition, he wrote some very weird/unusual ideas, striking images, new words - he's not often cited as influencing the New Wave, but his ideas and imagery certainly weakened some walls and boundaries that the New Wave pushed through.'

Mike Schilling.
"a disinterest in scientific plausibility and ideas and plots that make more sense emotionally than rationally.

Those also reappeared in the New Wave."

Michael Grosberg.
"I think he was one of the first to tell SF stories as if they were legends, with a weird fairy-tale logic. His characters are strange, his worlds phantasmagorical and hallucinogenic. He understood the fun and attraction of strangeness for its own sake. His works were also very spiritual in some sense."

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