Saturday, September 19, 2009

Very erratic posts rest of this month (Navaratri + Dashahra)

Navaratri Garbha dance painting. Click image for full size original.While I do hope to post tonight (later than usual time), posts will be very erratic rest of this month.

Today begins the 10 day festival - 9 day Navaratri, followed by one of the oldest Hindu festivals - Dashahara.

Navaratri is the time for fast & late night stage reenactments of Ramayan in large parts of India. In Bombay, however, it's the time to hit the dance floor. Tens of thousands of make shift open air dance floors spring up all over the city; there is one right outside my building. It's generally far more fun to hit the dance floor than write up a blog post:) See you early next month.