Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Water on moon" tidbits

  1. BBC lament on "premature leak" of the news day before yesterday - by bloggers, twitterers, & Indian media.
  2. Could there be underground water reservoirs there?

    I mean - if newly created water on its surface can find the way to polar craters, could not some of it go down & find a home in some subterranean cavern? I haven't seen this idea in media; is there is a reason this cannot happen?
  3. ISRO has began talking of change of objectives of Chandrayyan-2, due 2013. Instruments to explore a few centimeters to up to half a meter below the surface, rather than just a couple of mm M3 did.
  4. Two men from ISRO were on a TV talk show yesterday night (on I think DD1). They clarified what "a liter of water per tonne of soil" means, by offering a simile: earth is supposed to be at an average temperature of 16C! Few of us see this temperature, & so rarely because it's average. Similarly, density of water in lunar soil varies very widely; some places are far richer than others.