Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free fiction: Very large selection of Henry Kuttner's stories

Here. [via Free SF Reader]

Caution: A few links yield 404, but most appear to be ok.
Note: Links on titles below go to my old posts on stories; links labeled "download" yield story text.

Among them are a lot of stories from "The Best of Henry Kuttner". My favorites from the lot:

  1. "The Twonky"; download.
  2. "Mimsy Were the Borogoves"; download: Has been online elsewhere too for a while now.
  3. "Exit the Professor"; download: A few more stories from Hogbens series (of which this is the first) are also online - "Cold War" (download), "See You Later" (download).
  4. "The Proud Robot"; download: A few more stories from Galleghar series (of which this is the first) are also online - "Gallegher Plus" (download), "Ex Machina" (download). "The Ego Machine" (download) is a variation in the same spirit.
  5. "Absalom"; download: Caution - very dark generation gap story.
  6. "The Misguided Halo"; download: This is fantasy, & very funny. Fun begins when an inexperienced angel mistakenly bestows sainthood on the wrong man.
Other noteworthy stories:
  1. "Nothing But Gingerbread Left"; download: Music as a superweapon! I've realized some of the truth of its premise in the months after reading it. I've also seen serious discussions on the web on the distracting power of music, with specific references to this story.
  2. "Or Else"; download: How about some clueless unsolicited advice!
  3. "Private Eye"; download: Assume widespread use of a device that can show any event anywhere in the past. How to go about murdering someone & escape conviction?
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