Friday, October 2, 2009

Howard L Myers' "The Other Way Around" (short story, time travel, humor, free): Who really built the Stonehenge?

Quote from short story titled The Other Way Around by Howard L MyersThis story will likely make more sense to readers familiar with European history - conditions following the end of Roman occupation, rigidity of Church beliefs in eighth century, Englishman vs Frenchman jokes, a couple of kings, ... and, of course, the Stonehenge.

I ended up having good fun in spite of lack of familiarity with the above; I just kept ignoring the unfamiliar.

Story summary.

All the action happens in the eighth century England.

A young man named Raedulf of Clerwint, employed by King Lort as "chronicler", has been chasing a powerful & feared magician ("magicker"). King has sent him to query the wise magician whether the king is related by bloodlines to another fabled king, & if yes, how can he locate the empire of the fable & claim it!

Young man will get a lot of education when he meets the magician...

Fact sheet.

First published: Robert Hoskins (Ed)'s "Infinity Two" (anthology). 1971.
Rating: A.
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