Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free fiction: Audio: "Old Time Radio Downloads"

[Link]. [via Crosseyed Cyclops]

Many have been online elsewhere a while. I haven't personally played any from this lot yet.

Among the lot are Heinlein's "Universe" (MP3), "The Green Hills of Earth" (MP3), & "Requiem" (MP3); Asimov's "A Pebble in the Sky" (MP3) & "Nightfall" (MP3); William Tenn's "Child's Play" (MP3); Bradbury's "Marionettes Inc" (MP3), "... And the Moon Be Still as Bright" (MP3), & "Mars is Heaven!" (MP3); Murray Leinster's "First Contact" (MP3) (this is the story that coined the term "first contact").