Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Wonder Stories", Vol 4 No 3 (August 1932) (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover image of Wonder Stories magazine, Volume 4 Number 3 August 1932 issue. It depicts a scene from the short story The Space Coffin by A Rowley Hilard.It's one of the Hugo Gernsback's magazines, & scans in CBR format are online at Crosseyed Cyclops.

Table of contents.

  1. Richard Tooker's "Tyrant of the Red World": "With ruthless power he would dominate the ne world ... But from the depths of that eerie planet ..."
  2. Clarke Ashton Smith's "Flight into Super-Time": "Facing each other, the two mechanical monstrosities from alien parts of the universe ..."
  3. A Rowley Hilard's "The Space Coffin": "Suspended between heaven & earth, he saw the stars go wheeling by ..."
  4. George B Beattie's 'The Platinum "Planets"': "The solar system he combed in search of that priceless relic ... & when he found it ..."
  5. [serial - part 2 of 3] Otfrid von Hanstein's "In the Year 8000": "Mercilessly he opened the switch to pour destruction upon the helpless city. But than fate entered."


lartronics said...

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The document was found by me when we closed down Gernsback Publications in 2003. It was an old ms that I edited and produced as a book.

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Hope you find it interesting.

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