Friday, February 5, 2010

Original free fiction feed tracks one more source

I just noticed NP Jensen has recently been publishing original short fiction at his own site, & rather often - 8 stories so far in 2010. The name is familiar - I think I've seen his fiction elsewhere, but probably never posted here.

Anyway, fiction from his site is now being picked up by both the original free fiction feed, & the larger Bot SF feed that includes it.

Note: Since both these feeds pick up only fiction published during the last 3 days, nothing from this site will immediately show up. But bot is watching it, & next story on should be picked up.

For author, in case (s)he sees it: I see only fiction posts at the site so far, so my bot picks up everything from your feed. In case you intend to post non-fiction stuff there too, let me know via comments or privately - so I will pick up only entries marked with certain labels; this will help my subscribers from being surprised. Thank you.