Tuesday, March 2, 2010

G W Thomas points out a couple of worthy stories from Astounding issues edited by Harry Bates


While his post hints he has more in store he'll talk about in a book he's doing, he notes a couple of them here:

  1. '"Vagabonds of Space" by Harl Vincent has the heroes going to an alien world and being conducted down to the surface by the spaceships of that planet. Holy Captain Kirk, Batman!'
  2. '"Planet of Peril" by R. F. Starzl is an alien travelogue in the style invented by Stanley G. Weinbaum-- written four years BEFORE "A Martian Odyssey"!'
Note: He seems to be talking of "Clayton Astounding" as extending all the way before John Campbell took over. I think Clayton (founder of magazine) was owner till only early 1933, & all through Clayton's ownership, Harry Bates was the editor.


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