Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steve Carper's "Epidemic" (flash fiction, flu, free): An unusual way of delivering medicine

Quote from an untitled story of Steve CarperThis is an unusual story in that

  1. An unknown author gets a cool new idea.
  2. He writes a decent enough story that incorporates it.
  3. He forgets to give it a title!
  4. He submits it for a competition, & wins.
  5. Competition organizers put the winner online, but don't notice it's untitled!
Title above, "Epidemic", is given by me for this post - to ease my referencing it from elsewhere. Story text linked below is untitled.

Story summary.

A new avian flu strain is spreading fast through the world, killing many. When a cure is discovered, there is no time for dispensing the medicine through usual means. But a doctor has an unconventional idea about inoculating the population...

Fact sheet.

First published: Medgadget, 6 December 2006.
Download full text from publisher's site (need to click "Read More..." link at bottom of page & scroll down - look for author, since it's untitled).
Rating: B.