Friday, April 23, 2010

Startling Stories (New Zealand Edition), #14 (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover image of the New Zealand edition of the magazine Startling Stories, number 14.There is no mention of publication date or editor's name on cover or ToC page.

Scans of the magazine are online in CBR format.

Table of contents.

  1. [novelet] Murray Leinster's "Overdrive": "He was one man against mutiny - with only the secret of his skill to help him match the formidable weapons of the aliens."
  2. [ss] Jack Vance's "Three-Legged Joe": "He proved to be the triple threat to the fortune awaiting them."
  3. [ss] Roger Dee's "No Charge to the Membership": "Would you believe a dream - if it should happen to come true?"
  4. [ss] Isaac Asimov's "Button, Button": "Even the old professor wasn't really able to foresee the past."
  5. [ss] Jack Lewis' "Who's Cribbing?": "A glimpse into the editorial correspondence of an stf writer."

    I guess "stf" is short for "scientifiction"?
  6. [poem] Philip Jose Farmer's "Sestina of the Space Rocket".
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