Monday, May 17, 2010

New at Project Gutenberg (17 May 2010)

Links on author, publisher, or year yield more matching fiction.

  1. [novel] Charles Willard Diffin's "Brood of the Dark Moon"; download; Astounding Stories, August/November 1931: "Once more Chet, Walt and Diane are united in a wild ride to the Dark Moon--but this time they go as prisoners of their deadly enemy Schwartzmann."
  2. Berkeley Livingston's "Oogie Finds Love"; download; Amazing Stories, November 1948: "It took a fierce battle with the prehistoric Cro-Magnons, and a modern wrestling match with the Russian Bear, before Oogie, the Caveman, finally won beautiful Sala for his woman".
  3. Lester del Rey's "No Strings Attached"; download; If, June 1954: "Poor Henry was an unhappy husband whose wife had a habit of using bad clichès. Alféar was a genii who was, quite like most humans, a creature of habit. Their murder compact was absolutely perfect, with--"
  4. Raymond F Jones' "Human Error"; download; If, April 1956: "The government was spending a billion dollars to convince the human race that men ought to be ashamed to be men--instead of errorless, cybernetics machines. But they forgot that an errorless man is a dead man..."
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