Monday, August 9, 2010

Alva J Roberts (ed)'s "Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space" (anthology, 2010): Table of contents

Cover image of the original short fiction anthology Zero Gravity -- Adventures in Deep Space, edited by Alva J Roberts
Editor sent me the review copy as pdf. I've'nt yet read any story, but I'm posting this as a matter of courtesy. If & when I read the stories, I'll have their separate posts & fill up the ToC below with brief comments.

Anthology contains only original fiction; no reprints.

Table of contents (13 stories).

  1. Rosemary Jones' "Junker's Fancy".
  2. Scott W Baker's "Leech Run".
  3. Paul A Freeman's "A Space Romance".
  4. Mark Rivett's "Hawking's Caution".
  5. David Schembri's "Parhelion".
  6. Kenneth Mark Hoover's "To Stand Among Kings".
  7. Alethea Kontis' "The Unicorn Tree".
  8. Gregory L Norris' "The Beacon of Hope".
  9. C B Calsing's "Tangwen's Last Heist".
  10. Gef Fox's "The Stand-Ins".
  11. Will Morton's "Glacier Castle".
  12. Margaret Karmazin's "Rescue".
  13. Murray Leeder's "At One Stride Comes the Dark".

Fact sheet.

First published: Pill Hill Press, 2010.
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Note: I normally update list posts like this over a period of time, as I read the stories. This post was last updated 9 August 2010.