Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New at Project Gutenberg (6 September 2010)

Links on author, publisher, or year fetch more matching fiction.

  1. [novel] Donald Allen Wollheim's "The Secret of the Ninth Planet"; download: An interplanetary adventure to uncover what's behind "the theft of the solar system's light".
  2. Kris Neville's "Earth Alert!"; download; Imagination, February 1953: "What defense could she raise against mutant science--telepathy, invisibility, teleportation--especially since Earth was not aware of its danger!"

    I haven't done the word count, but this appears to be nearly novel size. Or at least novella size.
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Larry said...

Thanks, I love this old stuff!

Tinkoo said...

Look through the free fiction page; there is a lot of such stuff, some by very well known authors.

Larry said...

Tinkoo, that link doesn't work-it just takes me back to here.

Tinkoo said...

Oops - here is the link. First entry is still the same but scroll down; there should be over a 1000 posts at that link.