Monday, October 25, 2010

Giri Vijayakumar's "Genome" (flash fiction, humor, free): Capitalism at work to contain mosquito breeding!

There is a very funny Hindi movie lampooning Indira Gandhi's administration of mid 1970s, I think directed or produced by I S Johar; I cannot recollect the title (it's set in an imaginary country called Jana Gana Mana Pradesh!) It has a very funny episode involving incentives for rat-catchers. This story is in similar vein.

One very obvious criticism: does author seriously imagine Rs 1 & Rs 50 will mean much in the year 2052? But that's minor point in an otherwise good story.

Story summary.

Mayor of Madras city in the year 2052 has decided to up his chances for reelection by solving a major problem of the city: getting rid of mosquitoes! A perfect plan using great technology. What he hasn't accounted for is human nature...

Fact sheet.

First published: Storywheel, 19 October 2010.
Download full text from author's site.
Rating: A.


Giri said...

Hi, thanks for the review. Do drop by the blog when you can.


Tinkoo said...

I'm subscribed to your feed, though I do often delay actually reading newly posted fiction.